The Link building is a vital process and procedure for SEO services. The ranking of any particular website and its online appearance is greatly dependent upon link building. The SEO service company, must give your business a good link, by the help of articles, blogs and lots more, for easy identification and browsing. In a simple word, the links, search the entered keyword related to the search of your business over the internet.

Types of links-

Before, you start SEO services for your online business marketing company, you must be aware about the types of links, and its working. Let us make you aware about the links, and its importance.

Reciprocal link

The reciprocal link, exchanges the link to two different websites. On the search of keyword, the link shares with other link of the websites, and makes your website display on top, having the information of your search.

Resource links

Resource links behave as the hyperlink or the source link. This link building is linked with the content. The content of good quality, gets its place in good position and is search by crawl, to give a strong link, working as a resource link.


The blog is another way and major way for the link building. Blog posts suggest, the website and business in good position and give a good place over the internet, for an easy recognition by the clients.

Social bookmark

Social bookmarking gives a value to the SEO services, and crawl. Social bookmarking gives a categorization for public location on the search of any related keyword.